Second-Generation Stack Computer Architecture
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Автор:  mOleg [ Сб ноя 22, 2014 19:10 ]
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Author: Charles Eric LaForest

Second-Generation Stack Computer Architecture
Independent Studies University of Waterloo Canada April 2007

It is commonly held in current computer architecture literature that stack-based computers were
entirely superseded by the combination of pipelined, integrated microprocessors and improved
compilers. While correct, the literature omits a second, new generation of stack computers
that emerged at the same time. In this thesis, I develop historical, qualitative, and quantitative
distinctions between the first and second generations of stack computers. I present a rebuttal
of the main arguments against stack computers and show that they are not applicable to those
of the second generation. I also present an example of a small, modern stack computer and
compare it to the MIPS architecture. The results show that second-generation stack computers
have much better performance for deeply nested or recursive code, but are correspondingly
worse for iterative code. The results also show that even though the stack computer’s zerooperand
instruction format only moderately increases the code density, it significantly reduces
instruction memory bandwidth.

Автор:  mOleg [ Сб ноя 22, 2014 19:13 ]
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у автора нашлась еще одна книга:
Название: "Efficient Multi-ported Memories for FPGAs"
Автор: Charles Eric LaForest
Издатель: Library and Archives Canada = Biblioth?que et Archives Canada, 2009

Автор:  Hishnik [ Сб ноя 22, 2014 21:51 ]
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Если что, это бакалаврский диплом. Такое, в принципе, должно бы писаться в ассортименте и самостоятельно.

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