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Обзор темы - Инструмент создания HTML ( внутренний скрипт язык Forth )
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  Заголовок сообщения:  Re: Инструмент создания HTML ( внутренний скрипт язык Forth  Ответить с цитатой
По информации Massive Tools обновился до версии 3.8
March 15th, 2013
New changes to the Massive Tool include:

There is a new option for applying quotation marks to a block of text. After selecting the text, either hit CTRL-Q or press the “Quotation Marks” toolbar button. Quotation marks will be added to the beginning and end of the selected text. There are several styles of quotation marks to choose from; you can find them on the “Document” tab of the “Edit ? Preferences” screen. Also, the checkbox labelled “Use High ASCII special characters (where applicable)” will determine (for smart and foreign quotation marks) whether the characters themselves are posted into your document, or if the HTML ampersand code will be used. (The high ASCII characters can cause problems and display incorrectly on some sites.) Right-clicking the Quotation Marks toolbar button provides single quotes rather than double, or vice-versa, depending on the default selection.
Two buttons have been removed from the “Search” toolbar: “Find Next” and “Swap Strings” (both commands are still on the “Search” menu). Right-clicking on the “Find” button will now execute a “Find Next”, and right-clicking on the “Replace” button will execute a “Swap Strings” operation. (By reducing the number of toolbar buttons – without a loss of functionality! – I can get them all to fit on my netbook’s tiny screen.)
The “No Break” button has been removed from the “Insert” toolbar; that code can now be inserted via the nobr.rim macro file.
I’ve updated the “HTML ? Anchor / Links…” option to add Twitter functionality. If the text you enter into the “Text” box begins with either an “@” or a “#” mark, and the “URL/Mail” box is left empty, the Massive Tool will turn that into a Twitter link. The same can be accomplished by highlighting a block of text in the document beginning with “@” or “#”, and then right-clicking the Hyperlinks button on the toolbar. Examples: @alyankovic, #vodka.
I’ve also changed the “Underline” function on the “HTML ? Anchor / Links…” screen; instead of being a checkbox, it’s now a pulldown menu. Leave it blank for the default option, or select “none” to remove the underline from the link (which was what the old checkbox did) or make the line under the link dotted or dashed (new choices). Note that the “dotted” and “dashed” options are not compatible with the “Button” option, and that none of them (because of CSS) can be used in LJ comments (leave the pulldown blank).
The “Repost” new option has been added to the “LJ ? LJ Like…” command.
The “Reference Page” button has been removed from the “Other” toolbar, and the command from the “Help” menu. A reference page may still be generated with the refpage.rim macro file.
The built-in FORTH-based language has been greatly modified as documented here, so many of the included .RIM files have had to be modified to operate under the new constraints of the language. Make sure to replace all of the old RIM files with the new ones (also included in the ZIP archive, along with some new ones).
ADDENDUM: Forgot to mention, but there are also a few more userheads and backgrounds available as well.
Сообщение Добавлено: Сб апр 06, 2013 12:05
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И полезно, и познавательно!
Сообщение Добавлено: Ср фев 25, 2009 17:48
  Заголовок сообщения:  Инструмент создания HTML ( внутренний скрипт язык Forth )  Ответить с цитатой
Попалась такая программа. ... ol/profile

Massive Tool, a Windows-based text- and HTML-editor on steroids with some specific functions for use with LiveJournal (including, but not limited to, customized LJ User tags). HTML generated by the Massive Tool can be used in Livejournal (and compatible sites), or on any web pages or places which support HTML – including the creation or editing of the user's own web pages. The Massive Tool can also be used as a text editor, webcomic reader, FORTH interpreter (a scripting language based on FORTH is built into the Massive Tool, and can be used to automate a variety of tasks which operate upon the text in the Tool), et al. Among the many HTML functions in the Massive Tool are list and table generation, and a variety of text effects – colors, borders, backgrounds, marquees, boldface, italic, fixed-width, special çhâråç†ë®s, and more!

P.S. Возможно пригодится:)
Сообщение Добавлено: Ср фев 25, 2009 10:10

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